Creamer Tape Op Magazine test sneak peek

Kirt Shearer, a seasoned Sacramento based engineer/producer, and also a Tape Op magazine reviewer, stumbled upon our website following a Gearslutz blog.
He immediately contacted us and asked if we were interested in the Tape Op Mag test.
I, of course, agreed right away, and here are Kirt’s first impressions  after using Creamer for a few weeks on different sources at his Paradise Studios:

“It’s really nice to see a company that is doing something different, rather than just producing another cookie cutter tube preamp. The “no-feedback” design gives this unit an openness on the top end that is really wonderful. It had much more detail than with other tube preamps I’ve used. Also, the switchable control you have over the circuit really gives you many sonic options.”

~Kirt Shearer
Kirt Shearer Productions
(916) 844-6641

Many thanks, Kirt! So, can we call the Creamer, “the AC30 of Mic Preamps”?
(for non guitar players: Vox AC30 owes its rawness to the lack of a feedback loop)

Here we can see Kirt in his control room with the Creamer resting on top of his vintage Trident 80B board:

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