Busy Croatian Producer buys Creamer on the Spot!

It is unfair to call somebody the best in their field without comparing them to each and every person in the same industry. But one thing is for certain: Niksa Bratos is the busiest and most sought after Croatian producer.

Boris found him in his SSL-based studio in Zagreb and asked him if he would be willing to check out the Creamer. He agreed and put it to test while comparing it to his go-to SSL and Rupert Neve Portico preamps.

Boris witnessed a few jaw drops as Niksa was soaking up the sounds coming from his monitors.

The bottom line: He let go of the Creamer out of his hands only after Boris promised  to rush him off the first available production unit. Addiction comes in many forms, sometimes unexpected!

Here are some pics from Niksa’s studio. See Creamer nested snugly right next to SSL units.

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