The Creamer got Jay (of NRG studios, North Hollywood) excited!

Jay Baumgardner, the owner of NRG Studios, had a full plate tracking an up and coming band, CRUZ, when we called him to ask if he’d be into checking out our preamp.  But the  famed LA producer and engineer had an open mind.

He put the Creamer to the test on lead vocals. The first tune was a rock ballad. I called him right after the session and asked what he thought.

“It just sounded great! So smooth! The song had soft, emotional verses and loud choruses where the singer really belted it out. In both instances, the Creamer delivered it beautifully.”

Jay has 3 large control rooms at his recording facility, 2 of which have large Neve consoles, and the third one an SSL 9000, but he wants to do all of the vocals for this project on the Creamer!

Our pleasure, please finish those vocals with the Creamer, Jay, and let’s cross the fingers that this new band makes it big!  A big thanks from Zoran and Boris.

You can check out Jay’s jaw dropping list of clients at

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