Which pentode tube preamp made Russ smile at Ocean Way?

Our Creamer pentode tube preamp already has a record of grand piano addiction: recently Ken Burke at Blue Wave, now Russ Long at Ocean Way. If Ocean Way is Nashville’s top studio, then Russ Long is a salty dog worthy of its waters. He knew they had a great sounding Yamaha C7 grand piano that only needed to be miked with the right combination of a microphone and a preamp.

The choice for microphones fell on his trusty Sony C800G pair; for the preamp, he chose the Creamer. He felt confident using it since it had never disappointed him during the last few months as he was putting it through various recording tests.

Says Russ:  “The C7 simply sounded amazing! I can’t remember ever having tracked a piano without needing an EQ! It just needed a bit of compression and then went straight to the converter!”
Russ added that the Pro Audio Review of the Creamer will probably be published at the end of April.
Great, we can hardly wait! Thank you, Russ!


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