Ken Burke, Fazioli Piano and Creamer Plus at the Blue Wave!

Platinum engineer Ken Burke chose a Creamer Plus to record the legendary Fazioli grand Piano at the Blue Wave Studio. Here’s what he told us:
“C+ and and Fazioli? What can I say?  I have grown to love the Creamer and knew I had to use it to record a Fazioli piano on a Jazz session. After some quick tweaking to hear what sound I wanted from the Creamer the Fazioli sounded amazing.  Likely the best signal chain I have heard.  A good player, a good piano, two KM84s and the Creamer.  How can you go wrong? The Creamer should cost twice as much as Sonic Farm is selling it for. In my opinion, it’s the best, most versatile preamp I have ever used. ”
The bass player was Doug Edwards and the piano player was Chris Gestrin. You can see Doug smile as he was auditioning some of the takes recorded directly through the Je-DI. If you look closely, you’ll see that Je-DI smiled back!
Thank you, Ken, we are honored!

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