Creamliner on tour with Kenny Chesney!



This year, Creamliner will be traveling all over North America on tour with Kenny Chesney! The schedule shows no less than 48 concert stops in the US and Canada, including some large Country festivals.

The Country megastar picked none other than our friend (and fervent supporter) Chris Rabold for the FOH mixer post. Chris was extremely happy with the Creamliner on the Lady Gaga tour, which prematurely ended due to some medical emergencies.
So now he is bringing it with him to the Kenny Chesney tour. There’s no secret why.
In Chris’s own words:
“I’ve used all of the “glue-it-together, thicken-it-up” stuff out there when mixing live. By the time most of those products do their thing you’re left with a mess in the low mids. The Creamliner does EXACTLY what you ask it do; impart life, lift and color. What it does not do is muck up the frequency spectrum in damaging way. When it comes to signal processing, the Creamliner is the single biggest difference maker I’ve used in a long time….maybe ever!”

Happy touring, Chris, thanks for your support, and we hope you get enough sleep on the tour!

Pictured above is the first snapshot of Chris’s rack with the Creamliner at the tour opening concert in Houston, Texas.
Below is an archive photo of Chris and Boris in Vancouver earlier this year after the Lady Gaga show.




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