Industry veteran Russ Long raves about the Creamliner!

Russ Long with Sonic Farm Creamliner

It’s been a few months of hard work and excitement over the way things are taking shape.
We are adding our last touches to the new Silkworm solid state preamp (series 500 module).
Also, one of our Creamliner prototypes has been in Nashville undergoing a test by Russ Long, to be published in Pro Audio review in late spring.
Being impatient as we are, we gave him a call to check in and see where he’s at with the review.

Here’s what he told us:
“I love the Creamliner! It’s been working great on my stereo bus and I’ve been placing it as the last element in my signal path while recording and it’s working great for that as well. It is a superb line-level tone-shaping tool!”

I’m sure there will be many more details in the actual review, but for now, we couldn’t resist publishing this little sneak preview. It’s about a movie in which everybody wins: we as designers and builders, Russ and the PAR magazine, and, of course, our users!

Thank you Russ and all of you interested pro audio gearheads!

Pictured above is Russ Long during one of the sessions next to the sweating Creamliner.

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